Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Good afternoon! 🌞It's a lovely warm and sunshiny one. Rick's been visiting Bruce and Heather for a couple nights but will be here tonight. He's cooking dinner "up top" at K's cottage. I baked a triple chocolate bundt cake for dessert. 

Mark greased the RV bearings for the eventual haul home early this afternoon. Then, Sue called to say that she had found a kitchen island cart that we had been wishing for at Chippy's. πŸ‘πŸ». So, we took a drive to Canadian Tire and picked up the last one the Kenora store had in stock. Perfect, and, it was on sale! Tomorrow, Mark will put it together. 

At 4:30 we met on the dock for gin and tonic or gin and ginger ale. We had a toast to dad, as this was a bottle of his Gordon's Gin squirreled away at Sue's house in Pompano. Rick had been busy cooking, so arrived closer to 5 o'clock for happy hour. 

At 6:15, we are headed upstairs for dinner. Everything was good ... I loved the fettuccine with baby spinach and artichoke sauce. 

Sue was "sous chef" ... Rick's delicious sauce was made in his RV. (It was pretty funny, Rick wondered if he had actually remembered to put the artichokes in the sauce!) 🀣 He did. 

After dinner we played Farkle; Wayne won the first game and Mark the next two. I doubt we will ever get Sue play this game again; she was not lucky. 🎲 

I think my triple chocolate cake was a hit for the birthday boys. Wayne, Rick and Mark all celebrated milestone birthdays this year! 

Each had a candle ... Haha ... good job Marky. πŸ’•

It was a very good evening; lots of fun! 

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