Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tuesday, June 18, 2017

Good evening! Ha! Today got away on me. Darlene and Marianne left at 9 for a morning of downtown Kenora shopping and lunch at the "fire hall." Sue was home keeping little Foxy happy along with Julius and Shorty Hotpants. 

Mark and I took our Scotties for a ride to town. They walked around while I ran in and out of shops picking up "stuff." It was just a perfect day ... although I still say the sun here bites my skin unlike Florida. 🤔

Darlene and Foxy, ready for the drive to Winnipeg. 

Darlene and Marianne arrived back just after 2 o'clock with gifts for Sue and I ... which we both liked, very much! We were surprised ... she'd already brought 3 bottles of wine plus meat and Key Lime pie! What a great guest. 😘

Tonight, Sue and Wayne are coming to Chippy's for wine and Crazy 8's Countdown. 

As we were playing with a double deck of cards, Sue and I worked hard to shuffle them. Then, we plunked the cards down and Sue turned the first one over. Ha ha. Wayne put that card back and we yelled at him. But, we had forgotten to deal. LOL OMG ... Old people get goofy! 

Tomorrow, Wayne's cousin Tony arrives from Taiwan for a visit. He'll be here overnight and we plan dinner out in Keewatin. That's our day in a nutshell. 🥜 

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