Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017

Good morning 😎 sunshine. Oh my aching head! Mark's hurt too ... evil Scotch! 🙄 Apparently there is such a thing as too much fun! 

Mark cooked breakfast for Rick and me ... great leftover potatoes plus eggs and sausages. Last night I suggested Sue and Wayne might like to swap carpets! Well, we did! That was a fun thing ... we each got something "new" for the cottages. 

About 1 o'clock, Wayne took us for a lovely boat ride to see Jim's property from the water. 

Rick and Mark, hamming it up; Daisy looks embarrassed. 🤣

Cruising along enjoying the scenery. K's boat was redone this year ... 

and looks like New!

Daisy sat with Sue and me at the table, out of the sun. 

Who looks happiest? 

The ride was further down Clearwater Bay than I had imagined. It's a good thing Mark and I didn't attempt it with the Crestliner. Jim wasn't at the lodge today so we just rode by. 

Rick left mid afternoon to see Bruce and Heather and spend a couple of nights there. He will be back Wednesday to stay in his rig on the driveway. Fun. 

Sue and Wayne cooked tonight's dinner ... coconut shrimp, filets (perhaps?) and potatoes. 😊 (No dessert as we're getting too pudgy.)  After dinner we played Farkel, a dice game. It was a good day! 

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