Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Good morning. It rained and it rained and it rained first thing this morning. Robbie and Belize were busy watching the red squirrel leap from the deck railing onto the birdfeeder. Last night, Sue suggested we hang a safety net there for the squirrel. This morning, I decided to put the feeder on the table and let him have at it. Ha ha ... boy did that keep the kids busy; but I have a door window to wash. (There are plenty of nose prints at the lower level!) 

Sue and Wayne went to Canadian Tire or a new coffee pot. Sue brought one from Florida, but it hasn't lasted two months. Kaput; or a Sue says Cupoot. 🙄

I was enthused by the rain and did some deep cleaning of the recliner and sofa ... no change found ... but a few corn flakes and potato chips. 🤔

This evening, we are invited to Bob and Jill's for dinner along with Sue and Wayne. Sweet. 

WOWSA! 😜 ... Bob and Jill put on a fabulous barbecue dinner. There were hordes of delicious ribs, chicken, potatoes, vegetables and salad. (Bob's barbecue skills are perfect!) What a fun time we had. 

Yes, I was a poseur, everyone else was reasonably serious. (I guess they did not get the memo.) 🙄

Oops ... did WE drink that? 😱

Oh yeah we did. Dinner was fantastic! Stories were told, and retold and we all laughed. Jill had seen a medium and had a visit from Linda.  We all listened with deep interest.

 The bird? Or cheers? We'll never know, but we certainly had a lot of fun with Bob and Jill. Dinner was great, and it was a wonderful time. ❤️👍🏻😘

We arrived home in time to walk the dogs. The next partay with Bob and Jill is here. Mark and I will be cooking! 😊

Tata till tomorrow. 💕

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