Monday, July 3, 2017

Monday, July 3, 2017

Good morning sunshine (and 54F.) It going to be a perfect 70F for a high today. Regardless, the sun feels prickly hot in this higher latitude. (Ozone?) 

The RV site we're in has been booked for summer so we're off to Kenora's downtown lakefront park known as Anishinabi. (Tuesday, we'll park the rig at K's Kamp and move into Chippy's Hollow for a few weeks R 'n R.) We haven't seen Sue and Wayne since Easter! 

This morning I'm doing 3 loads of laundry before we leave The Willows ... then just 2 loads tomorrow morning at Anicinabe to leave our rig clean for the eventual drive home in August. Mundane, but hey, it's not all fun and games. 😎 Speaking of fun and games, I was the big Rummy winner today! We'll have TV in town so that's the end of cards for a day or two. Sue and Wayne like to play Mexican Dominoes though! πŸ‘πŸ» 

What a lovely afternoon and evening we had. Mark lit a fire and we sat outside from 4 til 10 ... NO BUGS! WTH? What alternative universe is this? We hope it'll be the same at Chippy's Hollow! 

Happy man ... "ceegar" plus wine! πŸ˜ƒ

Hahaha ... Robbie's full extension on scruffing. 🀣

Cozy spot with a fire ring. πŸ”₯The Scotties were mesmerized by red squirrels. Usually, we'll see 15 to 20 deer in the park but, alas, only one doe so far. 😳 

You can see the doe at the back of this lady's rig. 

It was a fine day. We're still sitting out enjoying the fire at 9:30 ... no one's about. Ta Ta til tomorrow. 😘

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