Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday, July 7, 2017

Good morning 🌞 (and my aching back,) 😳 It's a beautiful start ... Cool and calm. Chores done, Kyle came to visit before they all went to watch Gavin fly his (birthday) drone. (Apparently it flew very high, very fast!)

Mark, Kyle, Gavin and I are going to the old fire house for dinner. (Sue and Wayne are going dancing at the pub.) 

Enjoying Sultana Gold ... and dinner with Gavin and Kyle. 

Sue and Wayne joined us shortly hereafter ... no shade at the pub = no dancing tonight. 

Afterward we all played Rummy ... vetoed by Sue ... Gavin suggested Countdown Crazy Eights which was great fun. 

Kyle laughed til he was crying. 😂 Sue was the eventual winner. 

This afternoon, Robbie and BeeZee enjoyed their safety pen on the dock while Mark and Kyle fished. 

It was a great day. ❤️

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