Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sunday, July 2, 2017

What a gorgeous day! Yay! It was 52F this morning ... gorgeous and warm for our 4:30 appies and dinner aboard "Seabreeze"  ... Lynne & Les' 38' Mainship docked at Northern Harbour in Ontario. 

Mz B just HAD to see what was over the gunwale ... two dogs and a young boy swimming ... plus a duck ... two turtles ... and a loon. Robbie was in the main cabin, relaxing. 😜

Mz B was poking about the entire boat ... Robbie was here before; he relaxed. 😎

Finally, summer weather to enjoy in Canada! (There's a small houseboat drydocked up the hill that we saw a few years back ... we should haul it home for a project. 😱

Lynne always puts out great food ... home grown where possible! Robbie and BeeZee were happy ... Lynne had doggie treats aboard. 🐾

We had a laugh ... Les had to use a napkin! (Usually he and Sue don't need them, being Scorpios.) 🤣

We watched a couple of sailboats go out and come in, without a problem. Les thought maybe that should be their next boat. Ha ha. We left for home at 9 o'clock ... settled in and watched a (crummy) movie "Wolf Mountain." 

So, that was our day. Tomorrow we are going to Anicinabe for a night in downtown Kenora. Hopefully, we will see some deer in the area! Ta Ta til tomorrow. 

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