Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Good morning. We were up by seven to prepare for the day. After breakfast, Mark put fuel into the Ranger and packed a snack kit for the fellas. Me? I spent time sorting out my Citi MasterCard which had been compromised in Wisconsin Dells and subsequently replaced. Somehow, there was a $41 charge on it which I received an unsatisfactory answer from customer service. Hmmm ... I know what to do when we're home from traveling. 

Panoramic view from Jim's deck. 😎

Sue and I went on a mission to find Mexican dominoes for Tony to take to his parents. He really enjoyed the game and is looking forward to teaching them. Sue and I found bargains at home hardware; two colorful toss pillows for Chippy's for $8.50 each! (That's a real bargain in this part of the world.) On our way home from shopping we stopped at the chip truck for lunch and brought some home for the guys. 

Wayne, Tony and Mark arrived home at 1 o'clock with a few pickerel to clean. 

Tony took their fish home to cook for his parents! 💕

At 7:15, we went to Jim's for the cocktail party.

Bruce and I ... it was a warm evening!

Sue, Wayne, Rose, Heather in the background, Dennis and me. 

John and Jim ... Dennis, Wayne and Heather in the background. 

While we were sitting on the deck, a seaplane flew past and we all waved ... and a big puff of smoke salute from the pilot. 🤣

In this picture, the plane looks far away, but it seemed like we could reach out and touch it. 😜

What a lovely evening we all had. ❤️

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