Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Good morning! It's always interesting at Keewatin Place doing laundry. My hair was today's conversation opener ... a lady's grandmother had bright red hair like mine right to her death at 96. Alright! 

Today I bought acrylic paints, 10 piece sets for Sue and I, plus brushes. What a bargain! I also bought a canvas picture for the RV bedroom. (I've looked here and there before but this was the right subject (Moose) the right colors (to match bedding,) the right size (18x18) and lightweight. SCORE! 

So we're excited Darlene is coming to visit today. Sue and Wayne have dinner planned of BBQ chicken, new potatoes and garlic bread (fresh from the oven here at KP.)

On our way home from laundry and shopping, we spotted a beautiful doe on our road. 

We waited for her to cross the road and she was hesitant to jump across the grassy (wet) ditch. I wish I had got her in flight. So graceful. 

Darlene and her sister Marianne arrived about 330 and we went to the dock for cocktail hour. The loon came for happy hour too. We couldn't believe how close it came considering we have three dogs on the dock with us!

Darlene brought steak and chicken kabobs from M & M Foods in Winnipeg which Wayne cooked on the BBQ. Sue prepared excellent dilled potatoes and salad; A delicious dinner followed by blueberry pie! Tonight, we are playing Mexican dominoes. 

Darlene's little Foxy adopted Sue ... and was spoiled! Chicken this 'n that ... try this and try that. Haha. Foxy out-foxed them all. She only wants people food! 

We came home to walk our dogs ahead of the rain shower. They were so happy to see us, knowing that there is a new dog around the property! 

Mark, Darlene, Wayne, Marianne and me ... thank you Sue for taking the picture! We had a rousing game of Mexican dominoes for nearly 3 hours. Of course a little wine was consumed during that time. Cheers to Marky who won! 

Tomorrow, we are taking Darlene and Marianne to the Inn for breakfast and shopping at the Blue Heron. Ta Ta. 😜

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