Monday, July 10, 2017

Mundane July 10, 2017

Good morning sunshine! We were off to the post office and Keewatin Place by 9:15 ... chores done and home to relax by 11:30. 

Dragonfly on ship's wheel at the boathouse. 

The lake is quiet today except for a couple of yakkers staining a new boat shelter down the shoreline. 

Shhh people ... we're relaxing 😎 with the Scotties. 

Robbie was stretched out like a frog. Mz B never stops looking around ... then, Mark cast once and caught a Walleye. 

As you can see, Robbie and BeeZee were interested! Once Bee smelled the fish she was excited. 

Sue joined us on the dock at 330 for happy hour. It was 79F ... perfect afternoon! Like us, she'd been busy with laundry now that Kyle and Gavin went back to Winnipeg. (We'll see them again late July.) 

Wayne spent his day in Winnipeg and arrived back at 6:30. As it was "leftovers" night, we were all fending for ourselves. Tomorrow night we're all meeting Jill and Bob K at Ristorante Italiano for dinner. 

Mark just checked online weather and saw we have a flood advisory at home! Really? We'll phone Randy for an update. 

More tomorrow. 

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