Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Good morning y'all. Chores done, we were away to the Matowski farmer's market to shop for locally produced everything. Kenora is abuzz on Wednesday's and Mark remembered saying we shouldn't come into town! 🙄 So, he dropped me to browse and searched for a place to park. (I bought homemade butter tarts for tonight's dessert!) It's our turn to cook and Mark is making baked chicken Parm and a Greek salad. Can you hear me say awesome! ❤️

Four o'clock Cornhole tourney ... Mark and Gavin won the first  round ... 

'Splainin' the rules. 

Nice driveway surface ... just the ding dang dong mosquitoes suck! 💥

At 5 we fed our kids and put the chicken in the oven. Plans are to eat at 6 ... then the guys are going fishing! Mark's Birthday pressie is a Canadian fishing license ... non-resident. When you get to the BIG 6-0 and there isn't much you "need" nor "want" isn't that a gift enough? If there back in time we'll go to Lake of the Woods Brewery for lunch; otherwise Sue & Wayne are grilling rib-eye steaks. 🍴😁

Dinner was delicious! Before we were even finished, the four guys were up and away fishing aboard the new Ranger. Sue and I were left with the dirty dishes. Wha waaa ... so we did the dishes and poured some wine and visited. Fun ... and tons of giggles. There's no relationship like sisters. 😜

The guys arrived home at 9 o'clock, ahead of a storm front ... no fish worth keeping, but an awesome boat ride! Tomorrow is Mark's birthday and he is going fishing in the morning, weather permitting!

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