Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday, July 21, 2017

Good morning! It's forecast to be a hot afternoon for the dock party at Barb & John's at 5:30.

Right now, Mark's still asleep at 8:30 ... I took the doggies out at 7 and now they're snoozing again. What a lazy place! 

Robbie asks for his meal by standing on his hind legs and putting his right paw on my hand ... then sticking his tongue out. Haha. Nothing subtle about his wants. πŸΎπŸ’•

Hahaha ... this can't be real ?!

Hahaha ... a homemade party barge. If they were wearing Kenora dinner jackets I'd be impressed. 😜

At 11:30, Wayne and Susan drove their RV out for the trip to Elma tomorrow for Grant's birthday party. Afterwards, we all drove into town, them to Anicinabe and Mark and me shopping. At Home Hardware we bought a few things for Chippy's ... retiring some older pillows. on the way home from town, the rain began in earnest. I had a feeling it would continue based on the NOAA weather radar. 

The doe disappeared into the brush; her fawn watched us and then took off after mom. πŸ’•

Well, the dock party was canceled due to heavy rain. But, by 6 o'clock if at all cleared up and I took this beautiful picture of two loons in our bay. 

We ate pizza, the dog enjoyed "pizza-bones" and we went upstairs to play Mexican dominoes with K's. Tomorrow morning they are off to Elma. The Rogers were 1st and 2nd Place tonight ... Mark won. 

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