Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tuesday, June 4, 2017

Good morning 🌞 ... it's time to tidy up the RV for several weeks and move into Chippy's Hollow. It'll be a very busy day and a bit confusing for Robbie and BeeZee. 

Well, I was wrong ... 
Robbie & BeeZee settled into the recliner just fine with Mark. It took a couple hours to unpack, but all's well. Sue had everything cleaned and ready for us. 💕 Awesome! 

Sue took this pic of a doe with triplets ... 

Chippy's Hollow with the new, enlarged deck and screened entrance! Bonus! 😎

Kyle came to visit at 5 to say pizza would be ready at 6. We talked for a few minutes then headed up with wine jugs in hand. We had lots of laughs ... then a big storm rolled in, the power went out and Wayne cooked the pies on the BBQ.  Boy, were they delicious! We all agreed it was a regular Sue's BBQ night. 💨⚡️⛈🤣

Gavin wanted to play cards and learned "free cell" which he caught onto very well. If we'd had power it might have been a dominoes challenge. At 9:30 we headed down the path to Chippy's. Fortunately, the power came on about 10:15. 

A hummingbird sheltering from the storm on the feeder. 👍🏻

Tomorrow morning is the farmers market, which we may attend. We shall see. Ta Ta. 

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