Thursday, July 6, 2017

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Good morning from sunny, beautiful Lake of the Woods! Happy Birthday dear Marky 🎢, Happy Birthday to yooouuuu 🎢❤️

Mark celebrated his birthday exactly as he wanted, with a fishing trip first thing this morning. Wayne's grandsons were happy to join the fun; Gavin and Kyle. If they are home by 1 o'clock, we are going to Lake of the Woods brewery for lunch. However, if fishing is terrific, we will do the luncheon tomorrow. Tonight, Sue and Wayne are cooking ribeye steaks for the birthday party! 

I tidied the cottage then baked an orange supreme cake πŸŽ‚ for dessert. The boys arrived home at 1 o'clock for lunch ... and Mark chose to finish leftovers rather than go downtown to eat. 

Arriving home in the Crestliner. 

After lunch ... swim lessons for BeeZee and a refresher for Robbie. 

Coaxing the kids in ... a favorite toy plus treats helped. 

I don't know how they'd do if they fell in, but they can dog paddle! Yay! (Swimming is not a given for Scottish Terriers.)

We had 4 o'clock cocktails on the dock and it was beautifully breezy. At six we went up the path to have dinner on the K's  porch. 

Make a wish ... we all joked that he wished his wife had bought him a birthday present. πŸ˜‚ 

After a delicious steak dinner with garlic rolls we got into a game of Mexican dominoes and played until 10 o'clock. Sue was the grand winner at 160. We certainly had lots of fun playing! 

Randy and Dawn phoned during the game and sang Happy Birthday ... hope you get lucky tonight. Haha. Of course Mark had them on speaker. πŸ™„ Pam phoned while visiting cousins in Wisconsin ... a wonderful day all 'round. 

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