Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Good afternoon. We actually slept in this morning finding the bed reasonably comfortable for the first time since we got here. This is rather funny. Both Mark and I like to sleep with our head raised a little such as a two or 3 inch incline. At home, we have the bed raised. In the RV, we purposely level it with an incline. At Chippy's we felt like we were sleeping with our heads downhill. 🙃 So, my rather genius husband suggested we buy some Funoodles to place between the mattress and the box spring around the pillow area. Perfect! Einsteinium! 🤓

Wayne was working in the boathouse when Mark walked the dogs first thing. He was having a new shaft installed in the boathouse to lift the Windsor craft. After that, two mechanics arrived and have been working for the past four hours. Fortunately, they are out of the weather but the poor boat had to be backed out of the boathouse. It and the Crestliner are both outside ... but the new Ranger is in the other stall. That will be another job for another day. According to the mechanic, we are in for three days of yucky weather. 

So, it was a perfect day for cooking. Mark made a couple of meatloafs for later in the week and I baked a cake for tonight's dessert. We are meeting Jill and Bob at Ristorante Italiano at 6:15 along with Sue and Wayne. It should be a perfect rainy evening for Italian food downtown! Afterword, everyone is welcome here for my chocolate cake! Yummy. 

Sue's little Chipmunk is fattening up for winter. 

It's 4:45 and dark outside like wintertime. Yikes! Where's the sunshine and long evenings? Friday is forecast to be nice. 🤞 

Arrived at 6:15, got a lovely table and met up with Jill and Bob for dinner! 

Wayne, Susan, Mark, Julie, Jill and Bob ... awesome dinner, great drinks, and wonderful company! 

Back home, it was cold 'n windy. Brrr 

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