Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thursday June 22, 2017

Good morning! We had a thunderstorm and lovely rain last night. First thing, I checked for yesterday's missing Blog but alas, had to rewrite it. 

So, today's plan is to get on track to Grand Forks but just drive halfway. I will add to this, bit by bit, all day. Stay tuned. 

At noon we stopped in the pouring rain for fuel and to walk the kids. Just after we were back on I-94 we saw a terrible accident with one truck and cargo hauler flipped over, obviously spun around, rolled through the  grassy median into oncoming traffic facing the correct direction. Another vehicle had been sideswiped and she was in the ditch. People were running across the highway to help. We saw movement in both vehicles so carried on. 😢

The weather improved greatly after Minneapolis and we carried on with our drive. 

Meanwhile, Sue & Wayne had Randy & Dawn visiting at the cottage. Wayne at Shorty Hotpants were in similar get up waiting for Dawn to arrive. Haha 


We see Randy got in on the act. I think the fellow should wear that hair all the time. Hee hee


Well that's it for today. It's 530 and we are still driving with 190 miles to go. Ta Ta. 

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