Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Good (early) morning. Yes, I was up at 5 AM watching ancient aliens about the extinction (or extermination?) of dinosaurs. Why are humanoid footprints found (all over the world) in the same strata as dinosaurs? We've been "taught" that Dino died out 350 million years ago. Now we know homo-sapiens have been on this planet for 450,000 years, according to the Annanuki, and 395,000 according to National Geographic. So, either humans are way older or dinosaurs are way younger, but either way, we walked side-by-side on planet earth with the dinosaurs! 

How's your morning coffee tasting after that info? 🤔


It's been an on/off rainy day ... cooler than last month, so I guess that's good for the electric bill. Mark worked on the RV undercarriage barrier today. It needed resecuring in places, especially after the axle repair a year ago. It was a perfect day for that.

Sue and Wayne have son Ron working at Chippy's Hollow replacing the front deck. 
We're looking forward to being there in July. 

At 4:30 we had a good break in the rain and I took the doggies for a ride on the Caddy. Actually, that might have been the end of the rain for today. I noticed Pat and Ken are back from their Delray Beach trip. Apparently it was torrential rain for days and they decided they'd be happier at home. 

That's it for today. Ta Ta. 

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