Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday, June 2, 2017

Good morning. Miss B woke me at 5 AM to go outside for a potty. I think there may have been something more interesting than just that as she and Robbie both sniffed around the back door. By the way, my point is, drizzle. Believe me, it is most unusual in our region. (I enjoyed it and stood out there for a few minutes getting damp!) 

So, what's next with our POTUS Trump? The President of France, Emanuel Macron, addressed the United States of America in ENGLISH. As a result, White House staffers reported Trump was "irritated and bewildered" by it. Well, Mr. Trump, the citizens of our great country must uphold the terms of the Paris Climate Accord without your leadership. I, for one, will be looking into home solar power to reduce my carbon footprint. President Macron embarrassed you by, rightly so, treating you like a cheap dictator. He shook your hand and held it tightly for a full six seconds. This was a show of alpha male fortitude by President Macron. 🇫🇷✅

Here's a quote from one of the newspapers ... 


Trump was soundly dissed by President Macron who greeted many other country leaders at the NATO summit before POTUS. (Well done sir 🇫🇷 )

This is not a reality TV show, Mr. Trump. Look at the person greeting you, not the goddamn camera. Look at the faces surrounding Trump and Macron ... all are enjoying a wonderful insider joke, and you, Trump, are the punchline. 


Now let's address comedian Kathy Griffin while we're at it. She apologized, so let's get on with life.
Nobody went to jail over Obama "threats." 

Mark worked today for several hours at K's lots. He measured and has now cleared 110 feet of the shoreline. He's now cleared approximately 1/3.  For the bulk pick up Monday there are now five large piles! 

Robs, Bee and I rode around the neighborhood visiting. It was such a lovely cool cloudy day. 

Randy was working around their house while Dawn was at work. Sue and Wayne went to dinner at the Plaza in Kenora with Dennis, Donna, Heather, Bruce and Rose. We're looking forward to seeing everyone next month.

So that was our day. Perfect. 

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