Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday, May 4, 2017

Good morning! Mark cooked us breakfast then was off to help our neighbor Jim with a project. The doggies and I took the golf cart cruising. It was cloudy and cool. We visited Mark and Jim and came away with watermelon (shots) from Rose. 

We picked up Nancy at 4:30 and went to meet Randy and Dawn at plaza Guadalajara. Since we got there a few minutes early, we had a chance to order the drink specials. Dinner was great. We were concerned that the waitress did not understand Randy's order of a chicken soup. There were many laughs that he was going to get Campbell's chicken noodle soup from a can. Finally, he got up and talk to the waitress to make sure she knew what he had ordered. LOL. As it turned out, everyone had a great dinner. We all had takie-outie boxes for home. 

Back home, Mark suggested a game of Mexican dominoes. 

Dinner at Plaza at Guadalajara ... Dawn, Randy and Nancy. Look at the size of those margaritas. LOL

Back home we played a round of Mexican dominoes. 
Nancy and Mark 

Randy and Dawn, a.k.a. Dawn-again   

Robby loves to sit and watch the game. He wishes he could play! 

I drove Matt Nancy home at 11 and RanDawn headed for home after that. It was great fun!

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