Saturday, June 17, 2017

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Good morning sunshine! No personal plans today but last minute "stuff." 


Mark and our neighbor were having a chat and about the protective weather quality of our unique Harris chain of lakes. (Heavy thunderstorms seldom affect us here. The storms stop just before the lakes and evaporate into thin air.) 

Their conversation turned to Steve having gone to college in Claremore, Oklahoma. Well, since Bonnie and Roger recently moved there, Mark listened carefully. Steve went on to say that he had noticed a protective quality around the Claremore, Oklahoma area. He noted they seldom had the terrible spring and summer storms that other areas of Oklahoma endure. A native American elder explained to Steve that phenomenon has to do with the valley. Years ago natives followed the Buffalo herds and gathered in the Claremore valley during the spring and summer months. Cool. 


So, everything is packed in the RV. Ha ha. We had to go out to dinner ... Stavros Pizza it was. They have excellent wines and good service. Our waiter asked where "mom and dad" were? Marky replied they were home taking Geritol before a big trip to Canada. LOL (It was our waiter's first night on the job when we met him about three months ago with Randy and Dawn.)


We must have made a huge 😇 impression on him. LOL 🍷:30 ... I had a Stavros deluxe large pizza and Mark had meatballs with meat sauce! We love their Greek salads! Back home, the kids had pizza bones! Yummy. 

Well, we're going to settle in to watch a little TV, drink a little more wine and head out early in the morning. Randy and Dawn leave on a flight at 6:30, so it's lights out early for them too.

Tata till tomorrow. 

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