Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Good morning ☀️ and 51 degrees! Well, we DID want a break from Florida's perfect weather. 😎 And, the north wind's not gusting to 45 MPH 💨 (yet!) 😂 

Last evening, we met A B C D for dinner at Hung's on Regent Avenue for Chinese food. Ah yes, "A" for Avery age 4, "B" for daddy Brent, "C" for momma Crystal and "D" for baba (grandma) Darlene. (Strange coincidence, eh?)

Avery likes to play dress up and was happy to clasp Crystal's new necklace. (Note to self; create and mail a set to Avery, size XS.) 

A sticker book kept Avery entertained ... and Brent kindly wore a cyclops eye. Hahaha ... he's a very patient daddy, pretty laid-back; I can see why my nephew Gregg enjoyed his company. RIP Gregg, your girls are in good hands. 

Avery decided it was "shy-time" and hid ... no more pictures. 😜

Now, I will post this and add to it later because, as you know, the blog "disappears" some days! 😳

Mark and I did some shopping today, not too bad with the sticker shock, then met Randy and Dawn, Randy's brother Kerryand his wife Angie and daughter Taylor for Taylor's graduation party. It was fun, and lots of laughs. 

Onward and upward Taylor! 💕

Angie, Taylor, Dawn, Randy ... cutting cake. 

Dawn, Randy and foreground, Randy's sister Lorraine. 

Sitting, Randy's brother Kerry. (He's hilarious!) 😂

Kerry loves to golf ... here's his clubs. 😳
One club is a shortened hockey stick. 🤣 OMG we had so many laughs at Kerry's antics. 

The party continued, but we headed home just after seven to walk the doggies. OMG we had a lot of fun! Randy and Dawn stopped in to visit the dogs and have a glass of wine. Tomorrow, we are going to The Forks at 11 for shopping and lunch. Tomorrow evening, Mark and I are going to Dal's to celebrate Dawn's birthday. So, that's it for today. Oh yeah, one of Rocky's pals stopped by the kitchen window to say hello ...  
Awww ... a wee Chickadee 🐥. ❤️

 So that's it for today! 

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