Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Good morning. 🌞 What is that golden orb in the sky? Today, we have a 50-50 chance of afternoon rain. Mark has decided it's a good day to begin pressure cleaning the driveway. (He doesn't want to think about anything but hunting season come September, his words, not mine.) 🙄 So, he is getting his fall jobs done now before our summer RV trip. 😂

For a nice break in the day we are going to the Olive Garden for soup and salad. 

On the way to lunch we popped into the Humane Society resale shop and spent $35 ... a frying pan with lid for Chippy's ... 2 "Cornflower" Corning casseroles, 2 Scottie dog knick-knacks and a gorgeous (heavy) wrought-iron (huge) glass top coffee table! WOWSA. 

Tomorrow, I will get it set up and take another picture after it's refinished. 

You can see the beefy iron ... nice! (Lunch was good too, we had soup and salad ... low carb.)

We've been listening to former FBI director Comey's testimony. POTUS's 👖 seem to be on  🔥 ... 5 times Comey's called him a liar. 

Trump's blatant disrespect for the political establishment excited his core supporters ... so I doubt they'll be concerned about any of this Russia investigation. However, 60% of Americans are deeply moved by Comey's testimony which must proceed unobstructed. (It would be prudent of Trump to toss twitter in the lake and stay away from the fray.) (But Trump won't be able to control his rage, is my guess.)

The crime of "obstruction of justice" requires an attempt to block an investigation with corrupt intention. (Ah, yes, this seems to be the case here.)

"I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to let Flynn go." (Trump's request to Comey ... at a private dinner for two.) Oops. Busted POTUS. This isn't a real estate deal you can warp in your favor Mr. Trump. 😡 Time will tell ... it's going to take a long time to go through the justice system. 

Meanwhile, Mark got a nice picture of Randy golfing with his friends.

Which one is Randy-Man? 🤣  OMG this is hilarious. 

When I took the dogs for a ride on the Caddy this afternoon, Pat and Ken came out to visit. Ken brought Sadie to meet the Scotties. Fortunately, I had the spray bottle and was able to keep them from barking at her. Bee was very interested ... Robbie was more laid back. Maybe there's hope that we can walk them together tomorrow. 

Work continues on the new deck at Chippy's Hollow. 
It looks like a perfect day for working on it. Progress! 

That's it for tonight. Hope your day was great. 

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