Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Good morning ⛅️ ... where's our sunshine? It's going to be another "getting ready" day. The other day I mentioned a resolve product that cleaned our living room rugs fantastically! So, I clean the RV living room and kitchen/dining area with it. It has to dry and then be vacuumed, and we shall see what it looks like. It was pretty dirty after the Cedar Key campground! (Never again!)

At 1 o'clock I'm going to Pat's for Game Day! Yay! We always have a blast no matter what. 


Randy popped in for a coffee after a good day golfing. It was good timing as Mark looked like he was ready for a break. Between us, the inside and outside are spiffy clean and things tightened up, so to speak. 

I played a game today called Checkit ... easy to play but strategy needed to win. I did not win. Ha. It was fun and the kind of game where we could drink wine and yak. Perfect. That's the last one I'll be at til end of August. 😕


Tomorrow night we're celebrating Dawn's birthday here with a dinner party including Pat and Ken. The 6 of us will have appies and wine in the RV for fun. Mark's cooking his chicken Parmesan for dinner. 👍🏻 

That's it. We're ready to relax and watch "the news!" 


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