Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday, June 26, 2017

Good morning sunshine! Here in the northern latitudes it's bright for 18 hours a day! Anyway, it is a lovely start, 6 a.m. and 53F / 12C. Mark is taking Robbie and BeeZee for their first walk on heavily dewy grass. Oh that must feel awful on their low-slung bellies. Poor Scotties are wishing for longer legs right now. 🐾

Our plans for today we include going to The Forks ... it's where the Assiniboine River joins the mighty Red River and flows north to Lake Winnipeg and Hudson Bay. Most happy childhood memories revolve around life at 820 Kildonan Drive where Mom 'n Dad's 40' (whitefish hull) boat was tied. Every spring the ice flows would take out a portion of the dock; but by the time the boat was launched for summer season, the dock looked spiffy again. 


Well, I certainly got lost in that train of thought. 😜 Oh yes, The Forks! 

We're meeting Randy and Dawn here at 11 o'clock for shopping and lunch. 

Our RV park is well located ... about 20 minutes to downtown! We parked and found RanDawn right away and went shopping. 

It's indoors with huge skylights the length of the buildings. Nice. 

Dawn tried out the unicycle bar stool. 😂 We all bought a few things and worked up an appetite. 

Lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory ...

It was fun ... and good sourdough bread with garlic butter! I had roast beef and fries with "real" vinegar. 😜 "For sure!" 🤣

We had a beary good afternoon! 

Back at the RV we walked the kids, played a bit and had a nap! This vacay stuff is exhausting. Tonight, it's Dal's for Dawn's birthday. 🥂🍾

Randy, Lorraine and Dawn ...

 Ashley, Bob, Jill, Gregg (white hair,) Lorne & Randy  ... Kyle, Mark and me. 

Dawn, Jill, Lorraine, Angie, Taylor and Brandon. 

Greg, Terry, Laurie, (Baby,) Randy, Lorne, (Lorne & Laurie's daughter) and Birthday girl Dawn. 

We think there were 18 of us, and some arriving and going at all times. It was a fun evening. We were back at the RV by 915 to sit outside with the kids and watched the sun go down! 

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