Monday, June 5, 2017

Monday, May 5, 2017

Morning ... all who participated in last night's  shenanigans will be suffering a headache upon arising. Too much fun equals too much wine ... and we had a blast. The Mexican dominoes game went on until after 11 o'clock with Mark scratching out a win. It was a pretty close game. Dawn went out six times, and yet was not the winner. 

Sue and Wayne have potted flowers around the cottage deck. Background, you can see the beautiful lilacs just beginning their blooming cycle.
Lilacs are my favorite flowers. I remember picking some in the back lane on the way to Angus McKay elementary school. Mrs Kendall would put them in a jar with water and the entire classroom would smell heavenly. 

Hanging baskets along the deck rail looking towards Chippy's Hollow down the flagstone path. 

Kendall Inlet ... no, not named after my grade 5 and grade 6 teacher. Just a coincidence. 🤔

Chippy's Hollow is named for the cute chipmunks that scamper around. 

Mark has gone to his chiropractor appointment and then to get the Kia washed. After all the rain it was looking rather spotty. 

Me? Laundry and daily chores ... +2 aspirin and a Sunkist diet soda. 

After lunch, Mark and I went for a bike ride, just two streets, but still, a start. My poor right knee clicks terribly as I pedal. I suspect I need the bike seat raised another inch. However, my balance was better today. After that, I took the dogs for their daily ride on the caddy. It's cloudy and breezy today ... rain is all around us, but nothing right here.

Randy and Dawn have granddaughter Makenna today and tomorrow. Of course the kids are on summer holiday now. They were surprising her with a birthday present of an afternoon movie. Fun! 

It's a rather low-key evening here. Mark put dinner on the barbecue and I baked a chocolate cake. Boom. That was our day. Done. 😎

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