Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hello June! You used to be a favorite month as the last in my school year. Things are different here in the USA ... most kids are finished school in May and return to class in August. Me? OLD school. 😎


On the homefront, Mark and I had a busy morning cleaning house, making dog food, trimming palm trees and getting ready for this evening. Ken and Jim are coming over and Mark is making a Buffalo chicken dip appetizer before they go to Crazy Gators for dinner. I'm going to Yaya's at Rose's tonight. (Dawn begged off because of a wine headache.) 🤕 I'm not sure how that could have happened, ha ha. Feel better Dawn, we will miss you tonight! 

Mark found this picture of a very adorable, unusual Scottish terrier. 
The boy on the right looks like a panda bear. 💕🐾 Cute! 

Speaking of Facebook, a memory of six years ago popped up today. Sue and Wayne visited Mark and me in Oklahoma City. We stayed at Twin Fountains RV park. 
We were sure happy to see them. We didn't know a soul in Oklahoma City. Lucky for us, Bonnie was just 100 miles away in Tulsa. (Gone, but not forgotten is Maggie and Macy.) 😢🐾

Home now at 9ish after plenty of fun playing charades at Rose's. We each had several rounds ... plenty of craziness. 
Kate in foreground, left is Sharon, Anita, Carin, Deena and Sandra. (Pat, Nancy, Rose and I sat in the kitchen to eat.) Dinner was Caesar salad with lasagna followed by Pat's Key Lime pie and Nancy's chocolate cake!

Nancy's cooking nowadays ... plus baked a cake! She had a few marshmallows in the cupboard so tossed them in. Creative!

Rose, Pat and Nancy ... by the wine bar. 

Pat thought it dreadful that I was not in a picture and offered to take one.
What do you think? Have I lost my photographers job? 😂

Mark had a nice evening with Ken and Jim. They had drinks at the house and then went to the Quarterdeck in  Umatilla for a fish fry. The kids were happy to see us both come home. (Robbie has been sitting on my lap for more than half an hour now!) 

So that's it. We had a very good day.

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