Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday, June 9, 2017

Good morning early birds. Really, the birds were singing at 5:30. 

At 10:30 we met Pat and Ken with their lovely English Springer Spaniel, Sadie, to introduce our Scotties. 

BeeZee was a barking goofball but settled down about a block into the walk. I waited at the golf cart with Robbie until the group was well into their return walk; then Robs and I joined them. He was excited. Mark thought a typical dog butt sniff might be in order but Robbie had other ideas. 🙄 Mark held Robbie back ... no contact. Egad. We had the dogs sit in the shade for a few minutes. Ken advanced with Sadie a foot at a time ... but BeeZee barked each time. Oh well, we'll try again later. 

While Mark spray painted the wrought-iron table, I vacuumed the house then cleaned the living room carpet. 
This Resolve product worked amazingly well. I used the whole can on half the rug ... and Woolite on the other half. What a difference! So, I ordered some more Resolve! 

Mark went to work on K's lot at noon to create more piles for Monday's bulk pickup. He's putting down some Roundup to stop the darn vines from growing back. After that, it will be shady on our driveway and he will finish up the pressure washing. Busy-busy! 

One job led to another and before I knew it I had turned the rug and scooted the furniture around the living room. Ha ha. Now the new coffee table is in and I love it. What a great find! 


Sue sent a picture of the progress on Chippy's Hollow. The new deck is progressing nicely. We really like the roof over the doorway! 

It looks like there'll be room to sit on that porch!

It'll be so nice to be able to bring groceries in on a rainy day! (That was always a challenge.)

This evening, I made a chocolate birthday cake for Makenna's 8th birthday and a backup Strawberry layer cake for those who don't like chocolate. We're meeting Dawn and Randy and the family at IchiBan tomorrow evening for dinner. After, we're taking dessert to Randy and Dawn's. 

Ta Ta. 

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