Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Good morning. We left home at 7:30 heading for Cartersville Georgia with an arrival time about 430. Florida roads were fantastic, Georgia, only "OK." Other than rain while we were going through the center of Atlanta in 7 lanes of heavy traffic, everything was fine.

Florida "classed up" their border signs and planted hundreds of palms for a mile leading up to the sign!

Georgia ... 
C'mon Georgia! 

The KOA campground in Cartersville is quite nice. I don't think we would ever do sightseeing around Atlanta as it is too busy for our liking, but there are a few local interesting spots to see ... and there's a pool here! 


By the way, Happy Father's Day to the men of our family. ❤️ Mark had a lovely text from Matt this morning that put some pep in his step. 👍🏻

Dinners on and it's time to for another one. Ta ta til tomorrow. 

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