Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday, June 30, 2017

Good afternoon! It's already 4 o'clock and we've just plopped into our recliners to watch for Lynne & Les. Right now we're having our 5th rainstorm. Apparently the long term forecast is for a summer of liquid sunshine. Hmmm ... 

I baked a chocolate bundt cake for dessert plus prepped apples for baking to accompany Mark's dry-rubbed pork loin and baked potatoes; add a green salad and we've got dinner covered! Oh yes, and 🍷. It'll be a lively evening with lovely friends who we don't see often enough. 

Sue and Wayne are at their cottage waiting for Ron, Penny, Kyle, Gavin and Cody to arrive for the Canada Day weekend. 🇨🇦💥

RanDawn headed to Lorraine and Jeff's Grand Beach cottage for the long weekend. They fly home Tuesday as Dawn will be back to work Wednesday! (I'd be exhausted going directly back to work, but she handles it well.) 

Goosey goosey gander where do you wander? These geese are the first wildlife we seen at the campground! 

Funny story ... we needed more bottled water and decided to drive to Redden's (store) nearby. Mark suggested the GPS but it couldn't find our campground yesterday and I wasn't trusting it! So, I Googled "Reddens" and away we went ... the WRONG direction with nowhere to turn around. Meanwhile, my phone kept urging us on and on. Finally, I texted Sue who said we'd turned the wrong way when leaving our campground. Oh boy! Eventually, we found the dang place and it was pouring rain, cold rain. Yes, we bought 2 - 8 packs of water bottles plus 2 foil baking pans = $12.45. 😱 But, our story doesn't end there. We KNEW we were only a mile from our camp's turnoff ... then the road sign said 1 km further. Mark turned in but I said that we hadn't gone 1 km yet ... yup; back onto the highway we went. ☔️ 💨  ⛈ ⚡️Yes, we went another 3 km before we could turn around. 😂Egad, how will we ever find Chippy's Hollow next Monday???

More later ... I'd better save this before it gets lost. 

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