Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

It's a lazy start to our last full day in Winnipeg. I finished our interior cleaning while Mark hammered mud clumps off the wheels; hardened Manitoba clay! Right after, rain began in earnest. 😳 Nevermind, it's only "mud!" 

This afternoon we went to "The Real Canadian Superstore" for a few things! Wow! Great prices, some comparable to home in Florida. We're now ready for our drive to Lake of the Woods tomorrow. Darlene invited us to breakfast at Smitty's tomorrow, but we will have to pass and get on the road. Rain check! 👍🏻

Randy and Dawn are arriving at 4:30 for cocktails before we meet Darlene, Crystal, Brent and Avery at an Irish pub for dinner. 


Fish 'n Chips for me! Chowdah for Marky!

Well, Dawn and Randy arrived for happy hour at 4:30. Of course the doggies were happy to see them! We had a glass of wine, veggie straws and grapes, quite healthy! At 5:30, we left for the Irish pub.

Darlene, Crystal and Brent were already there, but had left Avery with family for the evening. It was a wonderful evening, with lots of laughs and many, many stories. 

Having FUN at Fionn MacCool's on Regent ... Crystal, Brent, Dawn, Randy, Mark, me and Darlene. 

End of the evening ... great food ... great fun ... "we are family" Mark, Brent, Crystal, Randy, Julie, Darlene and Dawn. 💕🇨🇦🥂🍾

Back home at the RV, Mark and I are prepping for tomorrow's drive to Ontario. Randy and Dawn have Taylor's graduation dinner and dance to attend tomorrow night. (They are not sure what to expect as it would be very uncommon in the USA to attend a niece's graduation party!) 😳 Knowing them, they will have an awesome time! 

Sue and Wayne had an exciting time after their cottage yesterday. Wayne and a bear met face to face in the garage. Each ran the other way. Sue grabbed their air horn and sounded it as the bear sauntered off. Well, that's NOT the end of the story. Boo-boo came back to the cottage and attempted to get into their screened patio. Shorty Hotpants sounded alarm and spooked the bear. You might think that was the end of the story, but apparently Boo-boo was a very naughty bear. He broke into the neighbor's cottage and ate 4 bags of chips. After that, he broke into the shed. Oh boy ... we are  into some fun at Chippy's Hollow!  🐻 

So, that was our news for today. Tomorrow, it's off to The Willows for a few days! 

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