Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Good evening! Both Mark and I slept in until 845 this morning. Even the Scotties were sound asleep. It must've been a lack of sunshine. After a scrambled egg and steak breakfast, we went shopping for a few items. I found a bargain and bought 10 new lime green wine glasses. Woo hoo. Just what this house needs! 😜


Randy stopped in for coffee and a sliver of chocolate cake after golfing. We settled our plans for meeting up in Winnipeg for Taylor's graduation party. We will also visit Jim, perhaps at Seven Oaks Hospital, or maybe he will be home by then. We have no established time to meet with Darlene and Crystal as yet. We will make plans once we get there to have dinner with them.

Dawn and Randy called at 5 o'clock to make plans for granddaughter Makenna's birthday party Saturday. It is to be at a Japanese restaurant in Mount Dora. Mark looked at the menu but could not see Mac and cheese on there. (Octopus, squid and eel popped out from the menu.) Ha ha. (Update ... IchiBan is now the restaurant of choice.) I will make a birthday cake for family.

There was no ride on the Caddy today as we had torrential downpours, twice. Never mind, we need the rain, and lots of it. Pat and Ken are in South Florida for a week, and the rain has been torrential there!

Wayne and Sue got a new hutch for their cottage. Wayne picked it up today and it looks in excellent condition.

I wonder if she needs another set of dishes ...I happen to have several. Ha ha. 

Last weekend there was a gathering of  Scottie dog fans in Tennessee fundraising for Scottie rescue; one adorable vintage camper stood out. 





Cuteness overload. ❤️πŸΎπŸ’•. The owner was there with her 4 Scotties. What fun! 

That's it for today! We're relaxing tonight.