Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Good morning sunshine! It's 57 degrees to start our day. (Winter in Florida!) We must clean the RV today, it's in need of wood oiling and dusting. The exterior needs to be washed after the rainy road trip and muck around here but we will wait til Thursday to find a truck wash, hopefully on the way to the lake. 

I found a funny picture from Kerry and Angie's barbecue on Sunday. Their golden retriever/shepherd mix dog has personality plus. 

I had a very unique table while Buddy worked on a huge bone. What a fun dog!

We left the RV about 2 o'clock and dropped the dogs off with Les and Lynne at their home while we visited Jim at Seven Oaks Hospital. It was good to see him and hear he will be getting out in about two weeks. He will have more rehabilitation, but fortunately home. There's certainly no shortage of visitors popping in. 👍🏻 We laughed to see a picture of Jim in the hospital Tim Hortons holding a large business meeting. Ha! He never quits! ❤️😜

Les & Lynne had a big prime rib roast on the barbecue ... 
plus chicken for Randy-man. 

We were lucky to have a wonderful sunny afternoon! Lynne loves to garden and it shows. She's very talented with garden design! 

Peonies are blooming ...

Bunnies are hopping about ...

Les, Randy & Dawn ... and wine was flowing. 🍷

Lynne with Robbie and BeeZee. 

Lynne loves the Mount Dora Balsamic bottle compliments of Lew ... 
🤣 ... You had to be there. 

Back home at 10:30, the doggies went straight to bed. We had a fun time and will see Les and Lynne Friday night at the lake for dinners our RV. 

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