Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday, June 19, 2017

Good morning. Most of us had a good night but Mark found 2 puky-dukies on the freshly cleaned living room carpet. I guess BeeZee didn't like carrots on last night's dinner; or maybe the pizza bones put her over the top. Either way, it's another day on the road. 

Mark made an executive decision we would wait on a large storm to pass by before venturing out. No problem ... aiming for Mount Vernon, Illinois tonight. 


The drive has been good so far with light rain as we went through Chattanooga, Tennessee. We stopped at a beautiful rest area on the Tennessee River.

Cedar tree loaded with berries! we had one like this next to us at Twin Fountains in Oklahoma City. It was beautiful, but the dogs will get sticky sap between their toes! Ouch. 
The steep path was slippery in the rain ... too much so that I only took pics from high up. Great spot for a pic-a-nik Yogi. 

Pit stop and dog walk before Monteagle. I waited for Mark to come out of the RV but he was making coffee. 


We stopped for fuel at a Pilot in Kentucky. It was the usual muddle ... guess how much fuel you need and pre-pay ...  then go pump it. It's always a time waster. But, Pilot was the only choice.

Free advertising for Giant Recreation World. 👍🏻

Pretty area! Saw our friend Ken's favorite fishing lakes. 

Pretty pastoral land reminded me of Kansas, a bit.  

Land of Lincoln ... does that mean I should be looking for pennies on the ground? 😜

We booked into KOA Benton near Mt Vernon.  Nice area CG ... ok for us but would be noisy for tenters. 415 miles today. 👍🏻 Boom 💥 

Nashville ... easy-peasy transit. 

Our camp for the night. There's a (small) creek behind us ... fire 🔥 pit and BBQ. Nice, but we're hanging out, relaxin'. 😜

So that's it for tonight. Tomorrow we are off to Wisconsin Dells. 

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