Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Happy Summertime! The original Blog disappeared so this is a brief history of yesterday. 

Mark and I went touring around Wisconsin Dells checking out the sights. It's very touristy ... Bonnie recalled being here "years ago" and said we should say hi to big Paul. Well here he is, looking better than I remember from his Bemidji days. 

No, we didn't eat here ...

This is the Paul Bunyan I remember from a childhood trip to Bemidji Minnesota. 
My sister Diane went on a seaplane ride there ... but like I say, it's touristy. 

We went back to the RV for Robbie and Belize as we had a trip to Baraboo for Sue and Wayne's solar lights they'd seen at Menards. False alarm; long story about a wrong SKU number. Meanwhile Pam messaged us that she "was just around the corner" and coming to visit. 

As you can see a full day party erupted. Haha. We had an afternoon of wine on the patio then downtown to the Rat's Tail bar overlooking the Wisconsin River dam for drinks ... 

Pam and I got our fortunes read by Zoltar which apparently fit me to a "T." 😱

Then, at Mexican Rose's we flirted with a colorful senor ... 
Apparently I was matching his wooden smile 😄 whereas Pam looks fabulous. Hey, you had to be there! 

Dinner was nice and our table overlooked the dam. Afterward, we came home to relax with the dogs on the patio and watch fireflies. It was great. There's likely lots I should post but let's get this published before it winds up in nevernever land. 😜

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