Saturday, June 3, 2017

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Good day, eh? It was perfect for a mid-morning boat ride to fuel up Mrs R B. Robbie and BeeZee came along for the cruise. It was a cloudy 82F ... $59 later the tank was full and we putted home. Rain was forecast later on ... the rainy season is here. 

Palm Gardens has GOOD gas ... (and food!) Usually the dock is full ... we timed it just right. Yes, these Cypress trees grow right through the dock ... and through the bar roof.

BeeZee was interested in a little dog on the aluminum pirate boat. Really, it had the Jolly Roger painted on the side and was named Pirate! The lady aboard said the boat was older than her. Haha. It was pretty cool looking. 

Do you think this squirrel needs Weight Watchers?
OMG ... someone's been feeding him Elvis sandwiches. 🕺 

Mark and I had a Scrabble challenge this afternoon ... he won 2-1. Drat. It was fun playing in the Sunroom with rain pouring down. I gave the Scotties rawhides but bossy Robbie wasn't having any of that. They settled on playing with the tumbler food dispenser. 

Tonight the 3rd Stanley Cup game is on so that's what's up here. Tomorrow night, we were picking up our friend Nancy and meeting Randy and Dawn at Plaza Guadalajara for dinner. 

Sue and Wayne have been busy at their cottage. They had their porch dining table refinished and it looks beautiful.
It's ready for summer night dinner PARTAY's. We shall join the fun soon enough!

All's well here. No Trump rants today. 😜

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