Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Good day! What's up at your house? 
Mark was doling out "special" treats after cleaning Robbie's ears ... and BeeZee joined in for the latter part. Cuties!

Mark's back continues to improve. He has an appointment tomorrow with a chiropractor who accepts our insurance benefits. Yay. (I went to Buchanan Chiropractic several years ago and found  they were a good practice.) I hope he likes the office.

So today a really "cool" package arrived with T-shirts for Mark and me from Arctic Cool.  
I read everything I could about them as they are not cheap. But, they seem great! When I bought the two shirts I got the instant cooling towel as a free gift. I dampened the towel and wrapped it around my arm ... A few minutes later I had to take it off, as it was really very cool. Now the shirts only start cooling when you sweat, or if you want instant cooling, spritz it with water. I thought they would be fabulous for us boating here in the summertime when it's in the 90s. I'll let you know what we think of them as Sunday is a boating day.

Tonight we're meeting RanDawn at Tiki West for date night of shrimp 🍤 (a pound of peel 'n eats for $9.99!) I'll have mine blackened ... 😅 

Wow! Tiki's was BUSY. We've never seen the area that crazy on a Wednesday! Word must be out that it's a bargain! It's a good thing we had plenty to eat as it was too noisy for much conversation. (Eventually the LOUD talkers finished up and peace resumed.)

Back home, it's dog pedicure night. 🐾

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