Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Good morning It's a hot steamy start to our day! Whew. It had to happen; it's been perfect til now; summer's nearly here! 

Ha! Apparently I had a HOT FLASH! 🙄 I just checked the weather and it's 79° here. Not too shabby ... but as you can see it's going to be hot all week. Yikes, look at Monday and Tuesday's forecast! 


We don't have much planned today but tomorrow Pat and Ken are picking us up in their boat and we are going to lunch. I will certainly take my Arctic Cool towel with me; and cold beer! 

Our 1 o'clock golf cart ride was lovely and cool ... so it  MUST have been a hot flash earlier. Haha. Yup. 

Egad, that's us for sure! Our wee cottage grew and grew and we need intercoms. "WHHHAAAATTTT?"

What are your thoughts on our POTUS on the world stage, other than shoving and pushing. 

So we're having big, thick rib-eye steaks, skewered veggies, sautéed mushrooms and Caesar salad for dinner tonight. 
Robbie and BeeZee just raced to the kitchen ... Mark's making salad! They love their greens! 

Hahaha ... Pat and I said this after game day last week. "Someone" went on and on and on about their granddaughter's high school graduation. 😜 

Dinner was good; enough leftover for tomorrow! Now it's time for AA. 👽

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