Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday May 24, 2017

I started my morning with Mz BeeZee snuggled on my lap. (She'd been aloof for a few days and I was worried she wasn't feeling well, perhaps following a Frontline Plus dosing?) So, we relaxed and watched my favorite show until Mark was up at 7. What woke him? The weather radio blared with tornado warnings that will last until 3 o'clock! 🤔 Right now, the front is north of us. No problem, it'll be an "at home" day with the Scotties. 

When Sue and Wayne settled in at Anicinabe yesterday afternoon, a stray dog adopted them. 

You know that's a smart stray to choose them for help! Sue's just the person to know who to call! 

It was a squirrel-ly day! I spotted one drinking from the water dish I put out daily so put sunflower seeds out too. Within 10 minutes there were 2 there! Can you see the wee guy in the planter at the bottom? Cute. 

Before the rain began, Robbie, BeeZee and I had a long walk followed by a ride on The Caddy. 😎 We ALL enjoy it. The lake was wild today with whitecaps when we cruised past. Mark was working on Da Mounty, replacing the temperamental starter but came in as the wind began gusting. 

After the ☔️storm ... it's a cool 72! There's more where that came from; but it's happy hour! 

Sue and Wayne put the heat on at their cottage ... it's 68 there this afternoon but will be in the 40-50 range overnight. They'll move in tomorrow. 

Yes, we started happy hour at five and it's now 10 o'clock so we're watching the news. It was gorgeous sitting on the front porch with a breeze and cool air. 

Ta Ta till tomorrow

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