Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Wow, we finally had some heavy rain overnight. It has been terribly dry in Central Florida with wild fires here and there. It was so nice to hear the rain! 

So, what's up today? I think Mark needs to take it easy and rest his back. (I'd love to go bowling, but I think that's a bad idea for him.) Randy and Dawn are busy as youngest granddaughter Charlotte has ear surgery scheduled. (Randy didn't go golfing as he had a doctor appointment too.) 

Mark heated up his back before going on his errand rounds. Me? I've been making and listing new items on eBay. After summer, I'll get a proper storefront going again where I can put a few hundred items online. But, for now, I'm just listing about 50 items. 

We're still learning about "The Caddy." After charging it fully (we think) with the new trickle charger, Mark installed the volt reader. But, we forgot to read what it charged up to ... 🙄 ... then I ran it for 3 days on my usual doggie rides. Tonight Mark watched the meter ebb and flow while I drove about. Fearing we might run out of power I headed for home at 35.3 volts. Well, when I parked and turned the key off, the meter read 37.1. So, off we went on another excursion. 😅. At the end of that ride, parking and shutting it off we had 37.2 volts. WTF? So, we plugged in the charger, covered the electric beast and poured ourselves a wine. (Maybe tomorrow we'll remember to look at the fully charged number on the volt meter!) 🤣

Do you watch Deadliest Catch on NatGeo? We've been fans since day 1. Interesting to learn how the Alaskan King crab 🦀 are reacting to climate change. You wouldn't think there'd be any appreciable temperature change at the depths they drop the crab pots ... but there is. Amazing. 

By the way, Rod and Shay called just before dinner. They are still looking around for property to buy and have decided they want to be within one hour of their grandson. They have an Alaskan cruise booked leaving June 8, so we will resume house hunting looking after that. 

Here's their joy ... grandson Aaron, dressed to impress for his school picture at age 7. 
I think Aaron will be a heartthrob ... ❤️ ... he takes lessons in tennis, golf and soccer. 

Mark's antsy to watch the show, so that's it for today's blog. 

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