Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday, May 19, 2017

Good afternoon. This will be my third attempt at posting a blog since yesterday. No my test blog post it, so what on earth could be wrong with the system? Perhaps, it didn't like my pictures? 😜

Well, we had a good time at Pat and Ken's last night. Rose and Jim as well as Nancy and her dog Kachina, a Shibu Eno joined the party. It was a delicious roast beef with whipped potatoes, vegetables salad and followed by a razzle berry pie and ice cream! Of course there were the antics, stories and laughs. 

Pat and Ken ... having fun with friends. As Pat said this morning, we don't do this sideshow for just anyone. 😂 

During dinner, Randy and Dawn phoned to invite all of us to their home on Monday night. WOWSA! Rose and Jim already had plans so couldn't commit, but the rest of us did readily! YeeHaw ... more fun! 

It was certainly a fun evening. Now, for today, Mark began with a chiropractor appointment while I vacuumed and did Friday housekeeping. My new bicycle arrived and Mark put it together right away. It took a little bit to get the seat adjusted high enough so that I could pedal and then raise the handlebar so I could sit upright. 

Mark says I need training wheels. 🤣  this evening, after the sun goes down, I'll try it out on a couple of streets! (I gave up on my bicycle and took the dogs for a long ride on the golf cart.) 

Mark's now putting new lights on our Dodge's rack. 

So, although this blog is not done, I am going to publish it and attempt to add to it later. Maybe I can outsmart the system. Ha ha.

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