Saturday, May 6, 2017


Oh it's a lovely 60F start to our day. It'll be a perfect party day at Pat's. (I've lost my lovely fascinator! Last October I bought it for a 1940's party night at our RV rally in Sarasota. When it came night of the party I couldn't find the darn thing but was sure I'd packed it. Well, fast forward November to May and the elusive fascinator was not to be found at home!) What's a girl to do? 

So I made one! Ha! 
Rose, Pat 'n me at the derby party! Did someone say "Mint Julips?"

Jim, Schnauzer Baxter and Mark. 

Linda, Alice, Deena & Carol

Mary and Ann ... 

Elaine and Roger ... Mark and Baxter in background. 

Carin and Eddie. 

We had a fun time with plenty to eat and drink! Pat was the big winner in the derby pool. 

It was fun arriving in The Caddy. 🀣

That's it. What fun. Our doggies are happy to have us home! πŸΎπŸ’• PSSSSST ... oh I'm laughing so hard. I just put my new fascinator into a baggie and went to the bedroom to put it away where I keep extra purses. Guess what I found there? Yes, in a baggie identical to what I was just storing my new fascinator in was the missing black fascinator! OMG. πŸ™„

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