Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Good morning. It was a lovely 72° when we left for the flea market at 9 o'clock. In addition to buying fruits and vegetables, Mark found a deal on cigars and I found a pink flamingos necklace and earrings that I couldn't live without. Ha ha. And he thought he had a cheap date ... then off we went to the Mason Jar restaurant for omelettes. 


Meanwhile, Sue and Wayne arrived at their cottage at 10 o'clock, ready to move in! They will have a very busy day! 

Mark was working on replacing the Mountaineer's starter and was just finishing up when I left for game day at 1 o'clock.  Lew called said he had an electrical problem at his place and that his water pump had shut off. So, Mark went to the rescue. It turns out Lew may have turned off his water pump and his pool is automatic fill. 

At Anita's game day we had a small enough group to play Yahtzee  ... and it was fun! This was the first time I played that game. When I got home I took the dogs for their ride on the caddy. It was so windy my hair was flying everywhere ... I could hardly see. 😎

But, I see Julius has settled in a K-Kamp tonight! πŸΎπŸ’•

Have you watched (the newest) Fargo series? They're TRUE stories ... wow! Well that's it for me. Mark's going to watch the hockey game and I'm turning in early! 😘

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