Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Good morning. It is game day. Randy is playing a round of golf with the neighborhood guys while Dawn enjoys a mani/pedi. 

Mark took our truck (at 8:30) to Advantage for the Takata airbag replacement. It was completed in an hour and he was back home quickly, ready to begin a project on the Caddy. What's he doing you may ask? Well, he's building a seat that will allow both dogs to enjoy the breeze & view. (Robbie's been sitting on the floor while the Queen BeeZee enjoyed the seat!) Not fair says Mark! So, when I take them cruising they both be riding high! Oh boy ... it's going to be FUN.

Carin hosted "girls" game day at 1 o'clock ... and of course I was there ... on The Caddy. Ha! Today 9 of us played WhoKnew? It was such fun! (Just as I was leaving home for Carin's I saw Randy arrive from golf and get dropped off at Mike's. So, I picked him up and drove him to his truck. Ha! 


This evening Mark and I took Robbie and BeeZee with us for Dawn's homemade chicken wings, cheesy potatoes and Randy's Caesar salad complete with his homemade dressing. It was a regular feast. (Randy ate so many snacks beforehand and a huge bowl of salad that he could hardly eat his dinner.) Ha ha. More for us. 

It was a lovely evening so we sat outside and enjoyed some wine and bird watching. The dogs enjoyed poking around the porch looking for lizards! 

During our Mexican dominoes game, Mark got me a glass of wine with ice. When he poured the wine into my glass, the wine spilt  everywhere!

Dawn's showing my "holy" wineglass. It's a perfect hole! WOWSA. Am I the first family member to wear out a wine glass?! 🤣

Randy is talking about "sauce" which morphed into Mark's sowsidgez. 😂 

It was a wonderful evening. Great food, great fun and a good game. Mark is currently in the lead with 63 points. The second half will be played next Wednesday at our house following a chicken Parmesan dinner. Ta Ta   

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