Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Egad. Sue and Diane were texting back and forth BEFORE I was up this morning. Haha. Well, the K's are on their way to Canada for summer! Safe travels ... and we'll see you in July! 

Mark took our propane tanks in for topping up but soon found out that place doesn't top-up propane anymore. It's a full-fill or nothing. So, it was nothing. 🙄 Meanwhile, Randy popped in for a coffee after golf. We got the calendar out on the counter and tried to coordinate our travels. So far, it seems improbable. We shall see. 

Sue and Wayne left home by 9 o'clock this morning for Jacksonville. I think they had a good travel day, weatherwise. (It was hot here at 91°) 

Once Wayne and Sue were settled, they sent this picture. Dad loved Ruffino ... and Wayne reminded me that, so does Mark! Ha!

Well, here's how it is at our house.

After dinner, I prepared a dessert for our dinner Thursday night at Pat and Ken's.  Marky washed the car while I rode the kids around on The Caddy. 😁 Awesome fun! There are a few jealous dogs about the hood who don't have a golf cart. Hee hee. 

Tomorrow is ladies luncheon for me at Tillie's in Eustis. It's actually the third place we chose. Ha ha. We first chose the Blackwater Inn on the St. John's River, but they don't open until 430 now; then we tried Magnolia's in Eustis but they've closed!; so 3rd time lucky. Tillie's it is. Dawn is meeting me there!  

Did I mention the Facebook site we enjoy with other Scottie dog owners? Well, here's one big boy who looks so much like our ol' Shiloh! 

Sammy is indeed a big handsome Scottie. 💕🐾 He sits like Shiloh used to. Hello handsome. ❤️

Tomorrow night, Randy and Dawn are coming for Mark's Parmesan chicken, grilled asparagus and salad ... then to finish last weeks game of Mexican dominoes! Currently, Mark is in the lead with 63 points. 

So that's it for tonight. We're watching TV with our dogs on our laps.


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