Monday, May 22, 2017

Monday, May 22, 2017

Good morning! It's a 77 degree start with a high of 86 forecast later. 

😜 Is that Randy's story while cooking Chicken Marsala for 7 tonight? 

Meanwhile, Mark went to the chiropractor, shoe shopping and grocery shopping. You can tell who enjoys shopping in our family, and it's not me. Ha ha. Well, I do enjoy shopping online! As Mark says, "there's a package at the door every other day!" 🙄

Haha. This reminded me of Dawn's story about Randy's stinky Crocs! 😜 

I'm pretty sure there will be some new "great stories" born tonight. 

Everyone arrived by 515 and the party began. We had cocktails in the living room followed by a fabulous dinner in the dining room with lotto tickets for all and dessert on the deck.

Pat 'n misbehaving Ken ... 😜 

Dessert 'n drinks on the deck. There was a beautiful breeze and it had cooled down to 78 degrees ! Randy's friendly ducks, the whistle ducks, flew over checking on us. Randy said they're afraid to land at their house now! Ka-blam. 🙄

Pat, Ken and Nancy left about 830-ish to go home and let the dogs out. Mark and I stayed to celebrate Dawn's "Friday" night. We opened a bottle of St. Germain liquor and were very alarmed that it smelled like Nanny's perfume. Fortunately, it didn't taste anything like that and we sent it down the hatch. We decided it would be delicious with champagne and a little soda water! Next time! We sat around and talked, listened to music and had plenty of laughs.
Robbie and BeeZee on the sofa enjoying Dawn and Randy and lots of snuggling. They happily sat there at least an hour. 

Dawn and Randy opening the St. Germain bottle! (I dabbed it on as perfume, but it was rather sticky!) 😜 

Finally, about 11 o'clock we left for home. An executive decision was made for date night to be one day earlier, due to Dawn's schedule, and that we would go to the Fishcamp for dinner. Schweet. 

In other news, Sue and Wayne passed through Duluth and stayed north of there tonight. I would imagine they will make it to the cottage tomorrow, weather permitting. Shorty Hotpants is anxious to get to his recliner chair!
Traveling in style! 

So that's it for tonight. It's now 11:45 and I best get this posted before Scott calls Randy at 3 AM to say the blog isn't up. LOL. (We missed seeing you over the winter Mac!)

Ta Ta til tomorrow. 

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