Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Good afternoon 😃! It a grand day in Central Florida; the sun's shining and it's 79F. 

Sue and Wayne had their doggies out to breakfast this morning. Randy and Dawn are in silent mode so far today (she's working.) We're wondering how the golfing was yesterday?

Pat texted me she's dropping over at 3ish with my cake plate and some party leftovers. 👍🏻 I'm pretty sure a glass of wine 🍷 will be involved and perhaps a golf cart ride for laughs! She's lots of fun. (So I've been a whirlwind of dusting and tidying up around here!) I need Carlos! Things are getting out of hand! Who's Carlos you ask? He was our monthly maid service in Boca & Pompano. I need carpets cleaned and grout scrubbed. Yuck. Help Carlos! 

Mark is helping Jim (Rose) with tree trimming that needs doing before their backyard changes. I don't know what's planned but a new pontoon boat is in their future. (I'm glad Mark's back is better!)

Another friend, Roger (Elaine) dropped off a coffee table book ... DRIVES OF A LIFETIME.  It's going to give us ideas for our upcoming RV trip. 👍🏻 

Well ... Jim wasn't up to lumberjack business so Mark used his energy on K's lot clean up for 2 1/2 hours. Actually, we can see the canal! 
More to be done but that's 3 piles of brush on the curb for this week. 👍🏻 Sweet. 

How is it Sunday night already? I took the kids for their nightly fun on The Caddy (😂) then enjoyed a good dinner with Marky. So that was our day. 

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