Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Good morning! It looks like a good day ahead. We're boating to Hurricane's for our annual luncheon. Pat, Ken, Rose and Jim are joining us on the cruise. (The dogs are going to be annoyed at being left home!) Ruff. (Carol and Richard joined the boating PARTAY!)

Back home, Pat and Ken settled onto bar stools for a last round after everyone else headed home. It was a gorgeous day ... nice and cool til we got off the boat. 
Carol, Richard, Jack (behind), Hal & Helen. 

Nancy & Dick 

 Sharon, Alice, Mike, Mark, Ken, Pat, Linda, Jack, Rose, Jim, Julie, Annette, Tim and Art. 

The service and food were good. ✅ It was nice and cool inside! Whew. I'm not sure why, but 10 people didn't show up! Perhaps they thought we were sitting outside and it would be too hot. Who knows, but those of us who were there had a great time. 

Sue and Wayne are enjoying a day off at the Wisconsin Dells. It is raining cats and dogs there so they have been driving around checking out the area. Sue says it looks like Niagara Falls on steroids. Wow ... it's become very popular, apparently. 

Dawn has been at work today while Randy grocery shopped and prepared their house for Monday's dinner party. (Ken's mom was just taken to hospital for a MRI on her hip.) 😫 We sure hope Martha is okay! (89)

Well, we watched the Preakness race ... and that was the highlight of our evening. Sue is wondering where the Blog is ... so here it is. 😁

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