Monday, May 1, 2017

Monday, May 1, 2017

I wish to dance around the maypole and weave in and out. Ha ha. Can you picture that? OMG. 

I love vintage postcards and found this online. 

Yesterday, I missed posting a picture of Wayne, Julius and Shorty Hotpants shopping at Festival in Pompano. 

 Shorty is certainly interested in something! 💕🐾 Perhaps he spots some bargains? I bet they're shopping for more cottage things! 😜

Today, being Monday, it was bill paying day. Since I set up the new Chase account, I was unable to access and transfer money. Well what bloody good was that? Apparently, you must have a computer to set it up the first time and then you can use the mobile app. Well, since I don't have a computer I had to drive to the blankety-blank bank to set it up. Grrr. Anyway, that's done ... it should be easier from now on.

Mark's back is slowly getting better and he continues to work around the house. He's been up on a ladder the last two or three days cleaning the boathouse roof and gutters. It sounds like a small job but look at the leaves that accumulated in just one year. 

I hired a tree trimmer to spruce up (haha) the Queen Palms for $100 and Marky was a bit annoyed. I was just sparing his (sore) back for indoor jobs. 😲

So that's it for tonight. I almost forgot to post this and then thought Mr. Moir would be on my case. Hee hee.  

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  1. Damn Rights I'd be on your case. And that should be MR. MOIR In capitals.