Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wednesday May 17, 2017

Well that was a crazy morning! Mark took Da Mounty to WinnDixie for a few things while I readied for today's ladies luncheon at Tillie's in downtown Eustis. Just as I was leaving to pick up Sharon, Mark phoned needing help. Da Mounty wouldn't start ... and Mark had frozen food. I made a few phones calls to get Sharon a ride and headed over to get Mark. I thought I'd miss lunch but Dawn offered to come and pick me up! Sweet. 

There were 17 of us today! Tillie's service was excellent; we had THE BEST waitress! 

Love Nancy's eye roll 🙄 ... haha. 

The portions are big ... Dawn and I both ordered a Pop's Burger ... 
with onion rings piled up. Yummers. (Does Nancy wish she'd ordered that?) 🤣

Dawn and I popped into Peddler's Wagon after lunch and bought a few necessities. Well, we "needed" them. 😜

Meanwhile, Mark took some tools (and the KIA) and got Mounty back home, leaving our KIA at WinnDixie. It seems the Mounty's starter needs replacing. 

Dawn dropped me at Walgreens to shop while I waited for Mark to pick me up in the Dodge ... to get the KIA. Haha. We were one act short of a full-blown circus today! 🤡

Back home now, it's time to prep for our little dinner party with Randy and Dawn at 5 o'clock. Non-stop fun on this lovely day. 

Sue and Wayne left Jacksonville at 9 and were in Atlanta by 3:30. They stopped just north of A for the night. It was apparently a good day!

We had our laughs with Randy & Dawn here. First, dinner was great! We all ate too much, moaned and groaned through a half round of Mexican dominoes. Mark won, Dawn a close second. They'd brought a couple good chocolate bars for dessert which we managed to devour. Haha. So much for being too full! 

Dawn asked Mark for his chicken parm recipe ... so RANDY could make it for her. Haha. We all had a great laugh, especially Randy. 

Dawn and I decided a moonlit golf cart ride was in the Stars for us ... so Mark took the dog box off and away we went! It was a blast! We honked the horn at every friend's house, but alas, everyone had their lights off. 🙃. 

That was our fun! We had a nice email from Rick M and will see him in Canada this July. I'll write you back tomorrow! 

Ta Ta. 

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