Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Good morning on this last day of May. Mark was away to the chiro first thing while I handled the laundry and chores. (How did we have enough hours in the day to hold paying jobs?) 😁

Today was Izzy's graduation from kindergarten. She will be starting grade one in the fall and her sister Hailey will be starting grade 6. Imagine where their lives may lead ... opportunities for women we didn't have. You go girls! ❤️

She sure looks like her daddy! ❤️

At 5:30, we left to meet Randy and Dawn for date night. We had a wonderful time at Tiki West. Wine was flowing, food plentiful and ideas blossoming! We made plans for Winnipeg and Randy called his brother Kerry to let him know our schedules. "Tell Angie that Julie & Mark are joining us for the barbecue!" Haha. Oh boy! 🙄

"We met Mammogram some wine bottles for pressies!"  said Dawn. Well, it sounded pretty good at the time! 🤣 The translation of that might be "we should monogram empty (3 L) wine bottles as wine glasses after we cut the bottoms off ... and they would have a thumb hole!" Schweet. 


Here's Dawn's invention. ❤️ How many would you like? 😂🍷

(Boy, are we gripping those wine glasses!)

We settled in to watch the Stanley Cup (2nd) hockey game ... with wine and doggies on laps. What a fun day. 

We're hanging in here ... the game continues ... 3rd at 9:06. 😜

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